Friday, February 3, 2012

Fire Place Facelift and our Precious

Watching HGTV is so good for the home. Let me explain....

One Saturday morning while I was up a lot earlier then I would have liked to have been, I was watching HGTV. When my husband drug himself out of bed, he joined me. With nothing on the agenda for the day the conversation went like this:

Me: lets do something productive on the house today
Husband: ok, what?
Me: lets paint the fireplace and build a mantel (there has never been talk about this project)
Husband: ok, what color?
Me: Dark gray
Husband: ok

The conversation went that quick with no real discussion. A half hour later we were on our way to the home depot with a list in hand. After a very long time in the store we left with half the things we went for and frustrated. See, we had no idea really on how to build a mantel and only one idea we thought would work, but weren't positive. So we headed home and started painting. The following Wednesday we went back tot he Home Depot and Lowes and got what we thought would work for a homemade mantel. The next few days we worked together every night on constructing it. Surprisingly the mantel went together perfectly and was done with no wood shop experience. We are very happy with the outcome and think the results are pretty great for being a project on a whim. see for your self below and tell us what you think.

(Don't mind the child about to head dive off the hearth. He's our little monkey!)
Now for some of our little precious ones. Mainly Zoey, since the last post was all about Landon!


~The Pies~ said...

Love the fire place!!! Looks awesome!
Danielle Pies

Mary said...

It looks so good! I tried to talk Rod into changing that fireplace up so many times... Never could. Good job!

And cute kids!

Saimi said...

AWESOME job you two!! It looks AMAZING!! Love the pictures of the darling kiddo's!! You know we LOVE them to pieces!!

Darrell said...

Not only are you guys handsome, but talented as well!